What can we do in the vicinity....

Boa Paz Light House

The landmark Bao Paz Lighthouses situated in Chidenguele. It can be accessed by vehicle or by foot. Take a 3km adventurous, scenic walk where you will pass 3 freshwater lakes on-route to the Bao Paz Lighthouse, that sits on a massive sand dune where you can relax and enjoy a spectacular 360 degree view.

Abandoned Chongoene hotel

At Praia de Chongoene, 3km north from Reef Resort, you will find the abandoned Hotel Chongoene. It was a 5 star hotel in the 60’s/70’s and was abandoned during the war. It is interesting to explore, but enter at your own
risk and be mindful of weak construction

Cathedral in Chongoene

There are many beautiful churches in the area. Nossa Senhora de Lourdes is located in Chongoene village (turn off at the Chongoene intersection to Chibuto). Cathedral Chidenguele is located in the heart of Chidenguele. Xai Xai city also has a beautiful church located opposite Barclays.

King's Pool

At the beach, about 12km north of Chidenguele is King’s Pool, a sheltered tidal pool that’s ideal for snorkeling and for fishing from the outer reef. You will need a 4x4 to get there and can get directions and details from the lodge

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