Before you leave...

For the Border...

* Passports for ALL ages - passports must be valid for 60 days with 2 empty pages

* Non SADEC Passports must have a visa - Obtainable at the border

* Unabridged birth certificates for all children under 18 years of age 

* Vehicle and trailer registration papers

* A letter from the financier (bank) if still on lease

* Letter from the insurer for cross border insurance

* 3rd Party insurance

While traveling...

* Please ensure you have the following in the vehicle at all times:

   *  2 x triangles obtainable from the AA

   *  1 x reflectivejacket (yellow or green)

   *  Black and White ZA sticker visible when towing

   *  A blue and yellow triangle sticker when towing

   *  1 x fire extinguisher - check the validity 

On the road...

When pulled over...

* Always be polite

* switch on Hazard lights

* Remove sunglasses, it is a sign of respect

*Turn music down

* Greet the officer friendly, never be rude.

*traffic police have blue uniforms (not white, uniforms have changed)

* You may ask for identification, but do not be rude

* insist on a receipt. If they refuse you can report them to Asinhos (tourism union)

* If you have handed over your papers and they are not returned and you are being harassed or threatened, phone (ASINHOS) (+258) 823 969 890

* Insist on a receipt and help stamp out bribery and corruption;

Tel: +258 282 64500
GPS: S 25 00 724 E 034 02 322